“Deepin Linux is released as a rolling Debian distribution as open source on GitHub. Deepin is SpyWare free. ”

The professional Deepin Linux has its origins in China, has been active developed by the company Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd for more than 20 years now, supported by almost 10,000 software developers worldwide, as a free operating system in the Community Edition and a paid version as "Deepin Professional" developed for SME & Enterprise customers.

Since 2017, Deepin has also been offering a dark mode, which is globally defined, but can be switched individually in any application. We call that flexibility.

Both Windows and macOS users will immediately feel comfortable. Right-click to switch the GUI to macOS-like interface or Windows-like interface.

Deepin Apps & App Store

With 34 Deepin free House applications and WPS Office Suite for Microsoft Office compliant Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, Deepin Linux provides everything you need to manage & create content.

The Deepin App Store with over 200,000 software titles gives you the Deepin OS many new options, even without login, where all large and small software manufacturers are present, for a "one click install" experience as you would expect from an App Store today.

Even the Hollywood video editing software "LightWorks" is present on the Deepin App Store, such as Google, Firefox, AnyDesk, Teamviewer and many thousands more.

And they say: The collaboration is fantastic.

Plantes d'intérieur

File Manager

Best of breed feature picks of all OS Worlds. Easy and intuitive use.

App Switcher

Multi Tasking with dozens of Apps & Desktops at a Glance with Exposé Effect

Desktop Toogle

With one click back to Desktop View. Supports unlimited desktops.

Deepin Terminal

Transparent terminal fully customizable for command line lovers.

Deepin Manual

It was written clearly and nicely for non technicians. Should you ever need it.

WPS Write

The Word Processor since 1986. MS Office conform.

WPS SpreadSheets

The Master of Spreadsheets since 1986. MS Office conform.

WPS Presentation

Create your Slides as usual. MS Office conform.


Create PDFs. Convert PDFs. Edit PDFs. Or simply view'em.


Scan over Network. From the Document Feeder too.

Image Viewer

Simple built in Image viewer. Straight from any folder.

Deepin Movie

Fluently Video Playing for 4K Videos. Fast sliding. For todays Formats.

Desktop Music

With Album Cover. Playlists and Equalizer. Fill your Smartphone. Sync.

Screen Recording

Record your Desktop. A specif Application or Window. Professional.


The Screenshot tool you want to use. Simple & powerful. Timer. Annotation tools.

Spotify High Definition Audio

No matter if you are already a free Spotify user or a paying Spotify subscriber. Music enriches and cheers life.

So much the better if you can listen to your favorite music in high definition. And yes. With Deepin you can also stream music from your computer to your living room.

Spotify supports high definition music up to 320 kbps. Even Apple Music fans get jealous.

Simply register, your playlist, stations and favorites are already there. Or just open a new account. Directly from the Spotify app.

bluetooth_audioThanks to the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 Support trough MSI and Deepin OS, aswell on Bose, Sonos or wherever, a pleasure.

wifioTrough the WiFi 6 Support from MSI Computers und Deepin OS, you stream your Sound into your Backyard. We highly recommend the WiFi Access Points from Plasma-Cloud.

Deepin Notes

Create Notes.Organise them as you like. Find'em.

Voice recordings

For your Voice Memos. Audio Recordings for Movies.

Deepin Editor

For simple Text. MD. Code. Syntax Highlighter.

Color Picker

For Web Designer. For Coders. For Content Creators.

Font Manager

Install. Live Preview. Manage. Like a Pro.

Deepin Draw

Paint. Colorize. Export it as Picture or Vector Graphic.

Graphic Driver

Automatic recognition. But we give you options.

Boot maker

Regardless which OS. It simply creates what you want. Flawless.

Deepin Repair

For those who don't know what they're doing. Deepin restores.

Deepin Clone

Mirrors your System to an external SSD Disk. And let you boot from.

System Monitor

Gives you insight & stats how your I/O performs.

Disk Tool

Formats disks, USB Sticks or external SSDs.

Remote Assistance

If you need Remote Support. There are experts out there to assist.

Deepin Feedback

Send us your Feedback, Feature request or Bug findings.

Deepin Installer

To install Apps or Modifications (.dep) from elsewhere. Drag & Drop.

Gamers watch out - Steam on Board

Should one say that today's Linux leaves gamers outside ...

Deepin offers you all your software titles to play online immediately via the pre-installed "Steam" gaming app. Choose from over 30,000 games titles in all categories and age ratings.

From strategy, card or board game to augmented reality / virtual reality games. Or Ego Shooter.

Steam is not just community and open source. Steam streams the game to you. And the CPU / GPU power comes from the data center. Welcome in the future.

gamepad Connect keyboard, game controller via USB or Bluetooth But hey: Don't cry if you loose.

Mozilla Firefox

One of the fastest Web Browser hundred thousands of extensions. Pre installed.

Google Chrome

The worlds leading Web Browser. With Dark mode support.


The Worlds leading Messenger Platform.


Die most known E-Mail Client Alternative. Check out Mailspring on the App Store.


A very simple built-in Calendar. If you look for state of the Art App, check MimeTime from ETH Zürich

iOS Support

Connect your iOS Device. Manage and fill it.

Android Support

Connect your Android Device. And manage it.

Camera Support

Import your Picture straight from your Camera.


Burn. Mix. Rip. Local DVD/CD or over Network.

SD Cards

Use it like used before. You can encrypt.


Connect your Network Shares as usually.


Requires Cable or Adapter via Thunderbolt or USB-C.

SCSI Support

Connect your SCSI Disks. By Cable or Adapter.


Can read and write back to your macOS Disk.


Reads & writes back to your Win Disks.

Deepin Professional & Services

Deepin CE (Community Edition) is and remains free. The Deepin Professional license costs CHF 99.- / € 99.- / $ 99.- and is designed for professional SMEs / Enterprise and governmental environments. The license entitles you to receive updates and upgrades from Deepin Professional for 3 years. If the license is not renewed after 3 years, the option to obtain further updates expires.

All notebook and desktop hardware presented on this website MSI - DEEPIN is regularly subjected to the latest hardware updates.

MSI Deepin delivers all hardware in a dual boot mode. The following variants are preinstalled for Plug & Play:

  • Deepin CE | Windows Home
  • Deepin Pro | Windows Professional

The Deepin Pro license is included in the surcharge.

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